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Tuesday 6:30PM
Friday 6:30PM
Sunday 11:30AM

Class Duration is 90 minutes.

Class Description

All sparring classes are run by Coaches accredited by the London White Collar Boxing League. Sparring classes are run in a highly respectful environment, with focus put on defence and control. All participants are expected to arrive no more than 10 minutes before the start of the class and MUST have with them a well fitting gum shield. Attendees are advised to supply their own protective headgear and gloves, although there is communal kit available at the class. If you wish to bring your own gloves, be aware that they must be a minimum of 16 ounces, have attached thumb, Velcro closure (not laces) with the majority of the padding at the strike area of the glove. Cleto Reyes and Grant pro sparring gloves are NOT suitable, nor are any low quality gloves. Preferred gloves are 16oz Twins or Top Ten Velcro wrist closure. Our preferred headgear is either the Cleto Reyes pointed nylon bar full face or the Cleto Reyes rounded nylon bar full face Those individuals training to compete in a London White Collar Boxing league match will be given the option of hiring one of these head gaurds for the duration of their training.
All Sparring Classes are 90 minutes long and will include directed drills, video support, contact sparring and circuit drills to condition you to be a great Boxer. The Trainer will stream you in the class and if you are new, may stream you with other similar attendees in a semi contact scenario until he feels you have the requisite skills and control to move onto more advanced moves. Both men and women are welcome to sparring. You do not have to be a Member to attend, and classes can be purchased from the Paypal link on this page. Standard terms and conditions apply.

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